Attorney Dan Schleck Speaks to Lincoln County South Dakota Board on Wind Energy

Attorney Dan Schleck Speaks to Lincoln County South Dakota Board on Wind Energy and Land Use Issues regarding private land rights, property tax values and environmental issues

Dan Schleck Advises Group on Largest Wind Energy Farm in South Dakota

The Sioux Falls Argus Leader Newspaper interviewed Minneapolis Attorney Dan Schleck about local environmental, land use, private land rights and impacts that may occur as a result of Dakota Power's largest proposed wind energy facility.

Opponent Wind Developer Rebuttal Briefs in Coalition for Sensible Siting v. AWA Goodhue Wind

MN Court of Appeals, AWA Goodhue Wind,LLC

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission ("MPUC") erred as a matter of law in failing to properly apply the "good cause" standard set forth in Minnesota Statutes § 216F.081.

Goodhue County Wind Power Story

PUC denies motion to reconsider Goodhue wind project

Here is an update to unfolding Goodhue wind project that Dan Schleck has been closely involved with.

Proposal in Wisconsin that would establish minimum setbacks for Wind Energy projects

The proposal is meeting lots of challenges from Wind Developers in Wisconsin and its passage is not guaranteed.

Affects of wind farms on Land Owners

Affects of Large Wind Energy Conversion Systems (LWECS) and Wind Turbines that are imposed on non-participation adjacent land owners

Radar Issues with Wind Turbines

The attached articles clearly show that there are degradations in both civil and military radar performance based on proximity to wind turbines.

Public Health Impacts of Wind Turbines

Prepared by: Minnesota Department of Health Environmental Health Division. In response to a request from: Minnesota Department of Commerce Office of Energy Security