Attorney Dan Schleck Provides a Summary of Minnesota Grant Programs

Minnesota has a vast number of well funded grant programs at the State and local level that can provide funds for clean-up, redevelopment, demolition, abatement and infrastructure for real estate development projects. These programs are complicated and require experience to be successful.

New Federal Regulations for Oil Tank Cars are on the Right Track

The U.S. Department of Transportation proposed new safety rules for hauling crude oil by rail after a string of explosive accidents earlier this year that caused enormous impacts to communities that are not even producing crude oil. Among the proposed rules released by the DOT are new speed limits for trains carrying oil, enhanced safety features for new railcars to carry oil and ethanol, and a quick phasing-out of older cars deemed unsafe. Other measures include advanced braking systems for trains, and expanded oil flammability testing before cargoes are shipped.

Musicland v. Ceridian Most Important Case regarding Minnesota Environmental Liability

Musicland v. Ceridian was the most important case in Minnesota regarding cost recovery. Evidence was sufficient to support the jury's finding that Control Data was negligent, and the damages awarded to Musicland were both reasonable and necessary response costs. The trial court erred by awarding attorney fees for time spent on Musicland's summary judgment motion, but the remaining award was not an abuse of the trial court's discretion.