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PUC denies motion to reconsider Goodhue wind project

Here is an update to unfolding Goodhue wind project that Dan Schleck has been closely involved with.

Proposal in Wisconsin that would establish minimum setbacks for Wind Energy projects

The proposal is meeting lots of challenges from Wind Developers in Wisconsin and its passage is not guaranteed.

Affects of wind farms on Land Owners

Affects of Large Wind Energy Conversion Systems (LWECS) and Wind Turbines that are imposed on non-participation adjacent land owners

Summary of the Small Business Jobs Act

Attached is a good summary of the Small Business Jobs Act. It is clear that congress and the administration do not understand what is needed by small business right now.

Radar Issues with Wind Turbines

The attached articles clearly show that there are degradations in both civil and military radar performance based on proximity to wind turbines.

Current Developments in Storm Water Permitting

A PDF Presentation by Dan Schleck, Presented on April 22 - Earth Day, 2010

PCA Citizens Board Approves Issuance of Final Industrial General Storm Water Permit

This completion of a new permit by MPCA marks an important step forward for all regulated parties.

Hennepin County Environmental Response Fund Notification

Hennepin County Environmental Services is accepting applications for the Spring 2010 Environmental Response Fund (ERF) grant round.

Environmental Regulation of Dental Office Waste Disposal

PRESENTED BY: DANIEL S. SCHLECK February, 2010 Legally if you discharge any hazardous substance down the sewer or In solid waste you are regulated.